2007 FOALS ...

Our only two foals for the 2007-08 season arrived safely.

BEAUPARC SERENADE'S much anticipated frozen AI foal by Rotherwood Peter Pan (UK) arrived 8 days early and astounded us all popping out chestnut with a very pretty blaze.
To my delight it was a filly, and a very lovely one at that.
A special show name was in order for this little lady.
Initially she was just known as "Missy" ... something to do with her "coming out" the same day as a certain female pop star!
After much careful thought we came up with suitably beautiful show name - Manorvale Pandora.
Likely to stay in the under 12.2hh class she really is one out of the box!

SERENADE has been joined to our 2007 Melb. Royal champion Riding Pony stallion  Manorvale Finale for a December '08 foaling.

Our maiden thoroughbred, POP'S CHEER took her own sweet time delivering her Manorvale County Royal baby, going 17 days over her due date.
With her bag going up and down like a bride's nightie, we were starting to wonder if there was anything actually in there!
An internal by our vet not only confirmed Poppy did indeed have a lodger onboard, but must have spurred her into action.
The very next day she finally delivered a very fine and gangly dark bay colt.

MANORVALE SECRET AGENT or "Austin" has just a dash of chrome - a star, faint stripe & two hind socks.
His dishy face, sweeping length of rein and bright personality are classic County Royal traits!
He has the longest legs and an extreme lay of shoulder.
Likely to make 14.2-15hh, Austin should make a super galloway.

Above and below: Beauparc Serenade & her filly by Rotherwood Peter Pan (UK).

Congratulations to Kelly Gloede whose thoroughbred mare is now expecting a Lemonshill Top Note foal in 2008.
This is yet another frozen semen pregnancy achieved after only one insemination - testament to the excellent quality of the straws from Top Note & Rotherwood Peter Pan.

At home we were thrilled to have EVERON PARK TAMIEL return a postive test to MANORVALE FINALE.
All being well we will have a full brother or sister to our sensational colt, MANORVALE ROYAL SHOW, arrving in October '08.
Tamiel is also the dam of our senior sire MANORVALE COUNTY ROYAL and has been the most wonderful producer of Royal show winners.
Now 22, every foal she gives us is a precious bonus.

Our Courtland Boy Blue daughter, HELDEN PARK FANTASIA, is now well in foal to M. County Royal.
Her previous foal, Manorvale Miss Finland (by M. Finale), is growing out into a lovely saddle prospect.
Now a yearling, Miss Finland is an incredible mover.
She is for sale.

Sadly we have lost MANORVALE OLYMPIA from our broodmare band, after she was diagnosed with a tumour on her ovary.
We were fortunate to find a replacement in KOLBEACH QUESTIONS (Camargue Tribute imp x Lavarche TB).
Standing a handy 14.2hh, Questions is a full sister to the well performed galloway Kolbeach Marine, a SA Horse of the Year winner.
Questions has been joined to M. Finale for a December '08 foal.
Thanks go to the Salway Family of Wilgo Stud for giving us the opportunity to breed with this lovely young mare.

KOLBEACH MARINE - full brother to our new broodmare KOLBEACH QUESTIONS.
Pictured at 9 days old.